Springtime cardi is finished!

I have completed my cardigan and it is still Springtime! šŸ™‚

alpaca lace knit bat wing sleeve cardigan

The waistband was added by picking up the stitches along the bottom of the lace knit body as the cast on row. When this was completed the neckband (knitted separately) was attached. I added press stud fasteners and the cardi is finished!

cream sideways knit lace alpaca yarn cardigan

This is the cardi after completing the two sideway knit sleeve

lace cardi knit sideways joined centre back

The batwing sleeves each include half the body section and are sewn together down the centre of the back to assemble


Looking back on 2011 – Knitted lace socks

red lace knit ankle sock

I really like this lace sock pattern. The increases and decreases in the repeat creates the waves

long blue lace sock with ribbon

I wanted to knit some long socks and the ribbon adds both detail and a way to keep them up!