Looking back at 2011 – Recycled plastic bag bag

bag knitted from recycled plastic bags

I recycled old plastic bags to make a yarn to knit this bag. I keep plastic bags in it 🙂


Looking back at 2011 – Home grown veg and preserving

home grown beans

Our garden was full of pots and we were please with our vegetable harvest. We also two types of beans

home grown vegetables

The pink fur potatoes, several varieties of tomatoes and salad leaves tasted amazing 🙂

green tomato chutney

And used the remaining green tomatoes to make chutney

carrot jam and box

I was curious about carrot jam, so made some using an old Mrs Beeton recipe. It was intended to mock apricot jam and tasted great. I gave my dad a jar (along with a handmade box of knitted socks) and he loved it!