Join in and crochet a Wool Eater Blanket with Sarah London

I had this on my list of to-do-projects since January but have finally started it 🙂

wool eater blanket crochet double knit oddment yarn

Link to Sarah London Wool Eater CAL 2012

It is another project for using up oddments of yarn. Where as the knitted squidgy hexipuffs use up oddments of 4 ply yarn, this crochet-along-with-Sarah project uses double knit yarn.

Click on the image above to link to her site and the Wool Eater Blanket instructions. Obviously I’m more than a little behind having just started!


Knitting tutorial for beginners

I have guided a few people through starting their first piece of knitting and really enjoy seeing the satisfaction they get from creating their first few rows. I am going to hold my first structured ‘knitting taster class’ for a charity. It will only be an hour long so I wanted to put some instructions together for people to take away.

If anyone wants to learn to knit this year, I will be posting my instructions and hope you will be inspired to get started or join a group near you 🙂

The first step in knitting is to make a slip knot to attach your yarn to the needle

slip stitch knitting crochet tutorial step 1

Pick up the yarn about 10cm from the end with your left hand

slip stitch knitting crochet tutorial steps 2-3

Create a loop by taking the end attached to the ball and place it over the top of the shorter end, creating a loop. Hold the point where the yarns cross tightly between your left thumb and forefinger

slip knot knitting crochet tutorial step 4

With your right hand take the end of the yarn attached to the ball and put it under the loop and up through it, creating a new loop

slip stitch knitting crochet tutorial step 5

Take the new loop with your right hand and pull until the first loop has tightened

slip stitch knitting crochet tutorial step 6

Place this new loop over the end of your knitting needle and pull the long end of the yarn to close the loop over the needle

Congratulations! This is your first stitch 🙂

Looking back on 2011 – Sometimes you just want to try out techniques

blue and yellow crochet flower

A simple crochet flower can be used as an embellishment to clothing or homewares or just attach a pin and you have a summery brooch

mossy green knit

Sometimes you just want to try out a pattern or yarn for ideas - this didn't work. The good thing about knitting is you can just undo it and use the yarn for a new project 🙂