Christmas cake pops

christmas chocolate cake pops in cooling rack

Time to join my partner Dave to make some cake pop presents. Crumbled madeira cake was mixed with white chocolate and shaped into balls. The sticks (made from cut down wooden barbeque skewers) were inserted into the set balls then the cakes were dipped into chocolate. I made holes in a box to make a rack for cooling then decorated when set

chocolate christmas cake pops

I then made a box to present the cake pops in. Just need to seal with cling film and add a gold ribbon πŸ™‚

Christmas card design

computer collage christmas card

Well I thought I'd have a go at designing a Christmas card using a collaging programme. I wanted a crafty vintage traditional feel

hand stitched fabric bird christmas decoration

I also used part of the card design for a mini card to display one of my hand stitched decoration gifts

handmade fabric bird christmas decoration

The bird decorations looks so pretty presented on the card πŸ™‚