Knitting for beginners first project – mobile phone cover

Congratulations! Following the tutorials you have now learnt the foundation stitches and techniques for knitting 🙂

I have written these instructions to knit a phone cover. It is an easy small project to make use of your new skills. You will practice the slip knot,casting on, knit stitch and casting off. It is rewarding as you will have a finished item quite quickly.

I have used less than 50g of double knit (dk) acrylic yarn and 4.5mm needles. This is a good thickness of yarn and needle size for beginners and usually the cheapest yarn to buy.

It has been made to fit an iPhone.

  1. Cast on 16 stitches.
  2. Knit 90 rows.
  3. Cast (bind) off.
  4. Fold the finished knitted piece in half along the longest side so the shortest sides meet at the top.
  5. Join the sides together with yarn along the long edges, leaving the short edge open for your phone.

N.B. If you want to make it for a narrower/wider phone, adjust the amount of stitches you cast on (i.e. less stitches for a narrower phone). The length is dependent on the amount of rows you knit – it needs to measure just over twice the length of the phone.

garter stitch beginner green knitted phone cover

You can personalise it further by sewing on ribbon, felt shapes or pretty buttons


Looking back at 2011 – Purple flower brooches with mauve lace and pearl jumper

purple fabric and pearl brooches

Purple fabric and pearl brooches

handmade purple flower brooch back

I pinned a safety pin to felt and stitched it into the back of the flower

mauve knitted lace pattern jumper with pearl detail

I knitted a mauve jumper in a lace design with pearl detail design

mauve knitted jumper with purple fabric brooch

My brooch looks nice with my jumper

Click here for a small tutorial for making the brooches

(They also sell some lovely fabrics 🙂 )

Looking back on 2011 – Sometimes you just want to try out techniques

blue and yellow crochet flower

A simple crochet flower can be used as an embellishment to clothing or homewares or just attach a pin and you have a summery brooch

mossy green knit

Sometimes you just want to try out a pattern or yarn for ideas - this didn't work. The good thing about knitting is you can just undo it and use the yarn for a new project 🙂