Springtime cardigan

Now we are entering spring I thought I’d show you the cardigan I’m knitting. It’s still warm enough (using lovely soft alpaca wool!) to take me through the cooler pre-summer weather but the lacy cream look makes me feel like I’m leaving winter behind…

I have finished the first half which is knitted from the sleeve towards the centre of the body incorporating the front and back in one piece. It is the first time I’ve used a pattern using this construction. The cardigan will have batwing style sleeves and a tighter ribbed lower body section. If you have problems picturing this then you’ll just have to wait and see the finished item 😉

alpaca yarn lace wool knitted batwing cardigan no sleeve seamlace knit pattern for alpaca yarn cardigan

first half of batwing lace pattern alpaca wool knitted cardigan


4 thoughts on “Springtime cardigan

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  2. hi im starting to knit and i want to make a simple batwing sweater but i can not find the pattern or they are kind of difficult for me to read bacause ,first im a beginner and second, english is not my firs languaje. if you could help i would always be grateful love from argentina

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