My dress is coming together…

I have altered my dress to fit better. First I turned the dress inside out, then another friendly person attending the sewing class pinned it together along the seams to the altered shape, while I was wearing it. After tacking the altered seams together to check the fit, I machine sewed it together. It is still a ‘shift dress’ shape so not too fitted. I have also attached the patch style pockets and sleeves. The pockets are simple rectangle shapes with the edges turned under and hemmed before attaching to the dress. I’m going to add beige cuffs to the short sleeves for an extra bit of detail 🙂

The shoulder opening allows me to remove the dress over my head easily. I’m still trying to decide whether I should close it with cute little buttons, press studs or velcro? As I have decided to lower the neckline and add a ‘Peter Pan’ style beige collar detail, buttons may make it a bit too busy. The collar is in two halves – purely decorative and only attached to the front of the dress. The collar finishes over the left shoulder where it opens so will need to velcro onto this area to be pulled back when opening. I drew the collar shape freehand on tissue paper. When I had a shape I was happy with I added the allowance for a hem and cut two pieces – reversing one. Next step is to cut two pieces in fabric for each side of the collar

making shift dress with shoulder opening and patch style pocketsdress opening on shoulderpeter pan dress collar pattern


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