I have started making my dress!

I started making my dress last week 🙂

I have chosen to make the main body from the green fabric, the sleeves from the pink and the pockets from the light beige.

easy dress pattern cut

I cut the pattern pieces - pinning them all to the fabric first to make sure they all fit before cutting any. I also made sure the direction of the grain markings on the pattern matched the fabric. After measuring myself and checking the pattern measurements, the nearest size is the 'M' medium size pattern markings

dress pattern cut and marked

I marked the points to match up when assembling with a tack stitch in contrasting colour thread. There are also notches on the edge of the pattern that will line up with the other pieces when attached

front of dress tacked to be altered

As you can see, although I have hand tacked the dress body pieces together as the pattern is marked, I need to make some alterations to fit me. At this stage I look like I'm about to perform surgery!

back of dress tacked to be altered

The back is in two pieces (the left side has the extra fabric for buttoning on the shoulder) so tacked together down the centre. This is ideal as it means I can alter the dress on this seam

dress darts stitched

I machine stitched the darts on the front piece before temporarily assembling the body, making sure they were stitched accurately so they sit correctly

dress neckline to alter

The neckline will be a little lower when hemmed. I still think it will be too high so considering altering it before cutting the interfacing to match (this is a lining inside around the neckline). I also think it would look better with a peter pan style collar in beige so will need to draft my own pattern for that!


2 thoughts on “I have started making my dress!

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