Want to make clothes so why not join a sewing group?

I haven’t made any clothes on a sewing machine for many years and really want to get back into it – especially since my partner’s mum gave me her sewing machine 🙂

Needing a little confidence boost to get started I decided to join a group at a local community centre. I can get some extra advice and avoid any obvious mistakes. It’s also nice to have other crafty people to chat to and see what they’re making!

My ‘easy’ second hand pattern (no zips and I like the buttons on shoulder detail) is ready for the meeting tomorrow, along with plain (no patterns to match and cheap) polycotton and interfacing. I have checked all the relevant pattern pieces are there and using the dress pattern in the centre. I have green fabric for the main body with biege and pink for the sleeves and pockets. I love dresses with pockets!

fabric to make easy dress with pocketsmaking dress second hand easy pattern pockets


2 thoughts on “Want to make clothes so why not join a sewing group?

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