Home made soda bread and butter – mushrooms too!

I was out shopping for the usual essentials like tinned tomatoes and trifle (well sometimes you get a trifle craving!) when I spotted some double cream in the reduced section and thought why not make some butter? Ok, I had been thinking about making some for a while and it didn’t just pop into my head 😉

It’s surprisingy simple to make butter. You may have aleady had the experience of overwhipping double cream and it starts to separate and go a bit lumpy – well your half way there! Just keep whipping and you end up with a lump of butter and some liquid  (butter milk). I added some salt as I was whipping (prefering salted butter). The butter will form on the whisk, so remove it and mould into one piece with cold hands in a bowl of very cold water (squeezing out any remaining liquid and air). This can be shaped in a mould (silicone or grease paper lined) or a hand formed ball. I used the butter milk to make my favourite soda bread (from Lorraine Pascale’s book) as it doesn’t need to be left to rise so really quick and tastes great!

home made soda bread butter buttermilk

Warm homemade bread with creamy butter makes a tasty lunch

home grown grey oyster mushrooms

While I'm on the subject of food - see how big my partner Dave's grey oyster mushrooms have grown - started a kit 3 weeks ago


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